Deodorant Mist Senja 100 ml

Rp. 99.000,00
Created with the most sensitive skin in mind, Natural Deodorant Mist "Senja" is an easy-to-use deodorant mist with a formula that will help eliminate odor from your daily routine. Cucumber extract is added for hydrating and soothing the skin as well as helping to ease redness, and combined with Centella Asiatica that well-known treatment for dry and sensitive skin.

Using 100% essential oils, let the signature heritage aroma from BOEMI Botanicals perfect your daily routine. The aroma, "SENJA" represents a citrusy fragrance evoking the scent of dusk in nature.

How to use:
Give a few shakes, and spray an appropriate amount on the underarms after bathing. Reapplied throughout the day if you need to freshen up. For best results, use a cleansing cloth and then dry your underarms before reapplying.

100% Essential Oils, Paraben, and SLS Free.